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Teleplay Nes Modem (www.nesworld.com)
APRIL 17 2017


The Teleplay System was invented by Baton Technologies back in 1992 both for the NES and Sega Genesis (Megadrive), but released in August 1993. An SNES version was set to be available in December 1993, can anyone confirm that this SNES version actually was released?.

The Teleplay is a modem which you plug into the secret bottom connector of your NES unit or the game slot of the Sega Genesis. This would allow to play games with your friends without being in the same room, or even using the same unit. You can even link a PC keyboard to the Teleplay modem for educational use, game programming?!?.

The Teleplay system included a "pack-in" game called "Terran Wars" which is a space head-to-head action shooter. More games would be developed for the system when it was released.

Though the Terran Wars looks like it could be the 53rd game on the Action52 which is probably why this never became a major success.

The Teleplay is not a licensed Nintendo or Sega product which probably is why noone really have heard of it. But the idea is great and if it had had a lot of cool, great, games out with its release and if it had been a licensed product, I bet it would've been a seller.

Click here for a picture of a NES with the Teleplay attached underneath it.
Click here to see a Teleplay magazine add.

If any of you Americans feel like calling, that is IF the number still exist, Baton Technologies it can be dont at "(602) 437-9659". Their address is "Baton Technologies Inc., 3922 East University Suite #68, Phoenix, AZ 85034". If you call them, then please let me know if they still exist. Thanks.

Or if you've got one of these you'd like to get rid off, i'd be interested in buying it... just to check it out a bit more :).