JULY 13TH, 2024
N64 Action Replay (www.nesworld.com)
APRIL 17 2017


The N64 had quite a few cheat/converter devices made for it and one was the N64 Action Replay. But even though it's using the Action Replay name, it actually has no relation to Datel who owns the Action Replay brand, instead this thing was the work of E.M.S. Industries, now known as EMS Productions and still in existing today (www.hkems.com), a company that has been cranking out all sorts of video game accessories since 1993.

The N64 Action Replay was one of the first N64 devices from EMS, most likely along with the N64 Video Game Enhancer, which actually says Game Shark on the loading screen, another rip off off the original Action Replay which was rebranded to and sold as Game Shark in the US.

Unlike most other cheat devices for the N64 that has the original cartridge sitting on top of the cheat device, the N64 Action Replay has the cartridge port on the pack of the cart.

What's a little funny though is that E.M.S. also copied the transparent part of the original Action Replay, that has a digit showing (counting down) - only the E.M.S. Action Replay doesn't feature such a counter, it's not even present on the PCB.

As mentioned the device is pretty early as only 26 games are supported, by the time the Video Game Enhancer was released the number was 65. Out of those 26 supported games 2 are European, 6 are Japanese and finally the remaining 18 are American releases. But as it is a complete rip off of the real Action Replay, the AR codes can be used with this device as well.

Along with the option to cheat in games, the device also has a memory manager, meaning you can copy from one controller pak to another (requires 2 joysticks and controller paks), and even backing up save states from cartridges that have such. With that said though the controller pak support is very limited if not non existing - none of the third party controller paks I've tested worked, nor the official one for that matter.

E.M.S. also did OEM and I've seen at least one variation of the N64 Action Replay...

Large scan available