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JULY 19 2015


The Aleck64 is a JAMMA Arcade System distributed by Visco and developed by Seta back in 1998, using the Nintendo64 hardware licensed from Nintendo. The system lasted until 2003 where the last batch of games were released, however during it's 6 years lifespan the system only managed to get 10 releases and of those 10 a few were even "ported" over from the Nintendo64 home console that we know.

Actually the Aleck64 project was completed in June 1997, but the system didn't start shipping until July 1998 and the first game to ship for the system was "Eleven Beat: World Tournament", developed by Hudson.

The Aleck64 had the following releases over time:

Eleven Beat: World Tournament (Hudson)
Magical Tetris Challenge (Capcom)
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (Hudson / Seta)
Vivid Dolls (Visco)

Super Real Mahjong VS (Seta)

Mayjinsen 3 (Sega / Able Corporation)

Hanabi de Doon! - Don-chan Puzzle (Aruze)
Hi Pai Paradise (Aruze)
Kurukuru Fever (Aruze)
Aleck Bordon Adventure: Tower & Shaft (Aruze)

Games planned for the Aleck64, but eventually canned:

St. Andrews Old Course (Seta)
Tennis [tentative title] (Hudson) - Most likely Let's Smash Tennis.
Rev Limit (Seta)
Variant Schwanzer (Sigma / Seta)
Snowboard Simulation [tentative title]

Rev Limit, an arcade style racing game, was also on schedule for the Nintendo64, Originally it was announced as a Cartridge, but later on it shifted to a 64DD release, meaning an American/European release would be out of the question. Unfortunately the console version never saw the light of day, it simply just fell off the radar. Now something must've gone terribly wrong with the development of Rev Limit as the Aleck64 release never came either.

Supposedly the game was suffering from framerate issues and Seta told IGN, in 1999, that the game was to be re-developed and Nintendo was "probably" going to publish it. Who knows if the 64DD version was actually finished, but with the fate of the 64DD by that time, the game simply vanished into the archives at Nintendo of Japan.

For more info on Rev Limit, I'd suggest that you read this IGN article.

Another completely unreleased game is "Variant Schwanzer", a game much like Star Soldier. A "snowboard simulation" game was also mentioned in an American flyer for the Aleck64, but there's no sign of that either anywhere. The other unreleased games, "St. Andrews Old Course" and "Let's Smash Tennis" both had a console release.

Technically the Aleck64 is more powerful than the Nintendo64, mainly because it has more RAM onboard. But all in all the systems are obviously similar and therefore "hacker" Zoinkity has been able to alter two Aleck64 games to run an a retail N64.

Finally it's probably worth mentioning that "Hanabi de Doon! - Don-chan Puzzle" and "Aleck Bordon Adventure: Tower & Shaft" both were ported to the Gameboy Avance and released in Japan by Aruze Corp.

For more info on the Aleck64 rom conversions, I'd suggest that you visit the Assemblergames forum.

Thanks for reading :-)